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Independence Day

Learn some vocabulary about the Independence Day of USA

Independence Day, also named Fourth of July or July Fourth, is a federal holiday in the United States, which commemorates the Declaration of Independence of July 4, 1776. This supposed the independence of the thirteen American colonies, as they regarded themselves as a new nation from that point on, no longer being part of the British Empire.

To celebrate this event, Forvo has created a guide where you can learn some vocabulary related to this event, as well as the pronunciation of the words that appear in this list. Can you pronounce them all?

Independence Day

Learn some vocabulary about the Independence Day.

  • alliance उच्चारण alliance [en]
  • abolish उच्चारण abolish [en]
  • abolitionist उच्चारण abolitionist [en]
  • blockade उच्चारण blockade [en]
  • boycott उच्चारण boycott [en]
  • budget उच्चारण budget [en]
  • campaign उच्चारण campaign [en]
  • civilian उच्चारण civilian [en]
  • Commander-in-Chief उच्चारण Commander-in-Chief [en]
  • congress उच्चारण congress [en]
  • declaration उच्चारण declaration [en]
  • delegate उच्चारण delegate [en]
  • earthwork उच्चारण earthwork [en]
  • enlist उच्चारण enlist [en]
  • grievance उच्चारण grievance [en]
  • Independence उच्चारण Independence [en]
  • Inflation उच्चारण Inflation [en]
  • loyalist उच्चारण loyalist [en]
  • mercenary उच्चारण mercenary [en]
  • militia उच्चारण militia [en]
  • monopoly उच्चारण monopoly [en]
  • negotiate उच्चारण negotiate [en]
  • neutral उच्चारण neutral [en]
  • ordinance उच्चारण ordinance [en]
  • parliament उच्चारण parliament [en]
  • patriot उच्चारण patriot [en]
  • petition उच्चारण petition [en]
  • preamble उच्चारण preamble [en]
  • proclamation उच्चारण proclamation [en]
  • profiteering उच्चारण profiteering [en]
  • protest उच्चारण protest [en]
  • quarter उच्चारण quarter [en]
  • repeal उच्चारण repeal [en]
  • representation उच्चारण representation [en]
  • resolution उच्चारण resolution [en]
  • revolution उच्चारण revolution [en]
  • territory उच्चारण territory [en]
  • traitor उच्चारण traitor [en]
  • treason उच्चारण treason [en]
  • turning-point उच्चारण turning-point [en]
  • veteran उच्चारण veteran [en]