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US Presidential Election

Pronounce names and terms from the US election

The United States presidential election of 2020 will take place on Tuesday, November 3, 2020. It will be the 59th US presidential election.

The 2020 election will determine the 46th President and 49th Vice President of the United States.

Here's how to pronounce some of the names of the candidates to the White House and other terminology relating the event such as how to pronounce the names of US States or election terminology.

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US Election Terminology

How to pronounce words related to the US Presidential Election

US State Names

How to pronounce the names of US States

  • Alabama उच्चारण Alabama [en]
  • Alaska उच्चारण Alaska [en]
  • Arizona उच्चारण Arizona [en]
  • Arkansas उच्चारण Arkansas [en]
  • California उच्चारण California [en]
  • Colorado उच्चारण Colorado [en]
  • Connecticut उच्चारण Connecticut [en]
  • Delaware उच्चारण Delaware [en]
  • Florida उच्चारण Florida [en]
  • Georgia उच्चारण Georgia [en]
  • Hawaii उच्चारण Hawaii [en]
  • Idaho उच्चारण Idaho [en]
  • Illinois उच्चारण Illinois [en]
  • Indiana उच्चारण Indiana [en]
  • Iowa उच्चारण Iowa [en]
  • Kansas उच्चारण Kansas [en]
  • Kentucky उच्चारण Kentucky [en]
  • Louisiana उच्चारण Louisiana [en]
  • Maine उच्चारण Maine [en]
  • Maryland उच्चारण Maryland [en]
  • Massachusetts उच्चारण Massachusetts [en]
  • Michigan उच्चारण Michigan [en]
  • Minnesota उच्चारण Minnesota [en]
  • Minnesota उच्चारण Minnesota [en]
  • Mississippi उच्चारण Mississippi [en]
  • Missouri उच्चारण Missouri [en]
  • Montana उच्चारण Montana [en]
  • Nebraska उच्चारण Nebraska [en]
  • Nevada उच्चारण Nevada [en]
  • New Hampshire उच्चारण New Hampshire [en]
  • New Jersey उच्चारण New Jersey [en]
  • New Mexico उच्चारण New Mexico [en]
  • New York उच्चारण New York [en]
  • North Carolina उच्चारण North Carolina [en]
  • North Dakota उच्चारण North Dakota [en]
  • Ohio उच्चारण Ohio [en]
  • Oklahoma उच्चारण Oklahoma [en]
  • Oregon उच्चारण Oregon [en]
  • Pennsylvania उच्चारण Pennsylvania [en]
  • Rhode Island उच्चारण Rhode Island [en]
  • South Carolina उच्चारण South Carolina [en]
  • South Dakota उच्चारण South Dakota [en]
  • Tennessee उच्चारण Tennessee [en]
  • Texas उच्चारण Texas [en]
  • Utah उच्चारण Utah [en]
  • Vermont उच्चारण Vermont [en]
  • Virginia उच्चारण Virginia [en]
  • Washington उच्चारण Washington [en]
  • West Virginia उच्चारण West Virginia [en]
  • Wisconsin उच्चारण Wisconsin [en]
  • Wyoming उच्चारण Wyoming [en]