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World Poetry Day 2019

Learn to pronounce words related to poetry and the names of famous poets

Are you an avid reader but struggle to pronounce correctly the names of writers or just literary terms? Don't worry, Forvo is here to help out with our World Poetry Day pronunciation guide.

World Poetry Day is celebrated every year on the 21st of March and it was created by Unesco in 1999 with the aim of promoting the reading, writing, publishing and teaching of poetry. It was originally celebrated in October, as a commemoration of ancient Roman poet Virgil's birthday.

Poetry glossary

Learn to pronounce words related to poetry

  • action उच्चारण action [en]
  • alliteration उच्चारण alliteration [en]
  • allusion उच्चारण allusion [en]
  • antagonist उच्चारण antagonist [en]
  • autobiography उच्चारण autobiography [en]
  • biography उच्चारण biography [en]
  • character उच्चारण character [en]
  • characterization उच्चारण characterization [en]
  • climax उच्चारण climax [en]
  • comedy उच्चारण comedy [en]
  • conflict उच्चारण conflict [en]
  • dialect उच्चारण dialect [en]
  • dialogue उच्चारण dialogue [en]
  • drama उच्चारण drama [en]
  • essay उच्चारण essay [en]
  • exposition उच्चारण exposition [en]
  • fable उच्चारण fable [en]
  • fantasy उच्चारण fantasy [en]
  • figurative उच्चारण figurative [en]
  • flashback उच्चारण flashback [en]
  • folktale उच्चारण folktale [en]
  • foreshadowing उच्चारण foreshadowing [en]
  • free verse उच्चारण free verse [en]
  • historical उच्चारण historical [en]
  • humor उच्चारण humor [en]
  • hyperbole उच्चारण hyperbole [en]
  • imagery उच्चारण imagery [en]
  • irony उच्चारण irony [en]
  • metaphor उच्चारण metaphor [en]
  • mood उच्चारण mood [en]
  • moral उच्चारण moral [en]
  • myth उच्चारण myth [en]
  • narrator उच्चारण narrator [en]
  • novel उच्चारण novel [en]
  • onomatopoeia उच्चारण onomatopoeia [en]
  • personification उच्चारण personification [en]
  • plot उच्चारण plot [en]
  • poetry उच्चारण poetry [en]
  • point of view उच्चारण point of view [en]
  • protagonist उच्चारण protagonist [en]
  • realistic उच्चारण realistic [en]
  • resolution उच्चारण resolution [en]
  • satire उच्चारण satire [en]
  • science fiction उच्चारण science fiction [en]
  • setting उच्चारण setting [en]
  • simile उच्चारण simile [en]
  • style उच्चारण style [en]
  • suspense उच्चारण suspense [en]
  • symbol उच्चारण symbol [en]
  • theme उच्चारण theme [en]