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Country: Portugal

Language: पुर्तगाली

International Day of Portuguese Language

Learn to say some typical words in Portuguese

May 5th is the International Day of the Portuguese Language and Culture that is celebrated in the countries where Portuguese is an official language. It is known as the Dia da Cultura Lusófona in Portuguese.

Portuguese is the official language of Angola, Brazil, Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique, Portugal, and São Tomé and Príncipe. It also has co-official language status in East Timor, Equatorial Guinea, and Macau. Portuguese and Portuguese creole speakers are also found in Goa, Daman and Diu in India; in Batticaloa on the east coast of Sri Lanka; in the Indonesian island of Flores; and in Malacca in Malaysia.

Take advantage to try and learn some typical words and phrases in the language that Spanish author Cervantes called "the sweet and gracious language".

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List of terms in Portuguese

  • Portugal उच्चारण
    Portugal [pt]
  • Brasil उच्चारण
    Brasil [pt]
  • Fado उच्चारण
    Fado [pt]
  • arroz उच्चारण
    arroz [pt]
  • caipirinha उच्चारण
    caipirinha [pt]
  • bacalhau a bras उच्चारण
    bacalhau a bras [pt]
  • francesinha उच्चारण
    francesinha [pt]
  • bom dia! उच्चारण
    bom dia! [pt]
  • tchau उच्चारण
    tchau [pt]
  • São Paulo उच्चारण
    São Paulo [pt]
  • Rio de Janeiro उच्चारण
    Rio de Janeiro [pt]
  • Porto उच्चारण
    Porto [pt]
  • Lisboa उच्चारण
    Lisboa [pt]
  • obrigada उच्चारण
    obrigada [pt]
  • caldo verde उच्चारण
    caldo verde [pt]
  • vinho verde उच्चारण
    vinho verde [pt]
  • Madeira उच्चारण
    Madeira [pt]
  • pastéis de nata उच्चारण
    pastéis de nata [pt]
  • piri-piri उच्चारण
    piri-piri [pt]
  • queijo उच्चारण
    queijo [pt]
  • guaraná उच्चारण
    guaraná [pt]
  • feijoada उच्चारण
    feijoada [pt]
  • cataplana उच्चारण
    cataplana [pt]
  • saudade उच्चारण
    saudade [pt]
  • borrego उच्चारण
    borrego [pt]
  • Alfama उच्चारण
    Alfama [pt]
  • Praia उच्चारण
    Praia [pt]
  • figueira उच्चारण
    figueira [pt]
  • samba उच्चारण
    samba [pt]
  • olá उच्चारण
    olá [pt]
  • sim उच्चारण
    sim [pt]
  • não उच्चारण
    não [pt]
  • desculpe उच्चारण
    desculpe [pt]
  • Hugo Almeida उच्चारण
    Hugo Almeida [pt]
  • Luisão उच्चारण
    Luisão [pt]
  • Hélder Postiga उच्चारण
    Hélder Postiga [pt]
  • Eusébio उच्चारण
    Eusébio [pt]
  • Magalhães उच्चारण
    Magalhães [pt]
  • José Saramago उच्चारण
    José Saramago [pt]
  • Paulo Coelho उच्चारण
    Paulo Coelho [pt]