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तिथि शब्द सनीए वोट
12/07/2014 house [en] house उच्चारण 0 वोट
25/12/2012 clinical [en] clinical उच्चारण 3 वोट श्रेष्ठ उच्चारण
25/12/2012 chick [en] chick उच्चारण 2 वोट
25/12/2012 veterinarian [en] veterinarian उच्चारण 2 वोट
25/12/2012 learn [en] learn उच्चारण 4 वोट
25/12/2012 bizarre [en] bizarre उच्चारण 2 वोट
25/12/2012 Chinese [en] Chinese उच्चारण 0 वोट
25/12/2012 Japanese [en] Japanese उच्चारण 4 वोट
25/12/2012 Canadian [en] Canadian उच्चारण 3 वोट
25/12/2012 childish [en] childish उच्चारण 1 वोट
25/12/2012 bye [en] bye उच्चारण 1 वोट
25/12/2012 calculus [en] calculus उच्चारण 1 वोट
25/12/2012 trigonometry [en] trigonometry उच्चारण 2 वोट
25/12/2012 biology [en] biology उच्चारण 1 वोट
25/12/2012 chemistry [en] chemistry उच्चारण 1 वोट
25/12/2012 earthen [en] earthen उच्चारण 2 वोट श्रेष्ठ उच्चारण
30/12/2011 Senate [en] Senate उच्चारण 2 वोट
30/12/2011 consist [en] consist उच्चारण 2 वोट
30/12/2011 which [en] which उच्चारण 5 वोट
30/12/2011 Congress [en] Congress उच्चारण 0 वोट
30/12/2011 vested [en] vested उच्चारण 1 वोट
30/12/2011 be [en] be उच्चारण 1 वोट
30/12/2011 shall [en] shall उच्चारण 0 वोट
30/12/2011 granted [en] granted उच्चारण 1 वोट
30/12/2011 herein [en] herein उच्चारण 3 वोट
30/12/2011 powers [en] powers उच्चारण 0 वोट
30/12/2011 legislative [en] legislative उच्चारण 4 वोट श्रेष्ठ उच्चारण
30/12/2011 all [en] all उच्चारण 4 वोट
30/12/2011 section [en] section उच्चारण 1 वोट
30/12/2011 i [en] i उच्चारण 0 वोट

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I am 34 years old. I was born and raised in California, USA. I have been living in Connecticut, USA for 14 years now. I live with my husband and cats. I speak English and Spanish.

I enjoyed contributing and helping on Forvo a lot in the past, and I would like to try to get back into it. If you would like any language help, shoot me a message, and I'll see what I can do for you!

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